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seven-telematicsLogistic Consulting Centre install first Transcan® Recorders in Ukraine

Seven Telematics are proud to announce that LCC have successfully fulfilled their first batch of Transcan®2 installations on Odessa City based pharmaceutical distributor Medfarcom.

Ukraine still lacks strong national regulations for using temperature recorders for domestic transport. However, ATP regulations stipulate that international road haulage requires the presence of a temperature recorder. This is to provide evidence that temperature critical cargoes have been correctly maintained at the right temperature throughout their journey.

LCC are seeing an increasing number of requests for providing temperature monitoring solutions in everything from pharmaceutical to food distribution.

Valeriy Yukhymov of LCC comments “We are seeing rapid Cold Chain growth in Ukraine. Consequently this is increasing the demand for temperature monitoring tools and systems. Becoming an official part of the global Transcan dealer network for the Ukrainian and Russian regions puts us in a great position to supply these markets, and fulfill the increasing levels of demand with a reliable, proven product.”

Transcan® temperature recorders are fully certified in Ukraine and are intended for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of temperature critical perishable products (food and pharmaceuticals).

Michael Kane Sales Director for Seven Telematics is clear “The approach to defining “best practice” and cold chain compliance within the Ukraine is very encouraging. We are really pleased to have LCC representing our interests in Ukraine from their base in Kiev.” LCC have a high level of experience and knowledge that is of such premium benefit to the Ukrainian market.

More information on the products and services offered by Logistics Consulting Centre (LCC) can be found on their website

newton_logoOn September 2011 there was successfully fulfilled logistic audit for Newton Logistics 3PL-operator. Production reserves were revealed and proposals for logistics (transport, warehousing and inventory) optimization were developed. Also the alternative strategies for company development were analyzed.
euro_scanOn September 2011 there was started pilot project of customer testing of EuroScan transportation temperature monitoring system for cold chain logistics.
On September 2011 there was successfully completed the first stage of ORTEC TMS implementation for one of the largest Ukrainian food retailer DC's. At present the solution has been stabilised, integrated with GPS and are under implementation for another customer's DC's. Integration with WMS is going on.
On August 2011 there was completed an implementation of GPS-monitoring for the carrier with fleet amount over 300 trucks. Temperature monitoring and route schedule monitoring are also realised. Integration with TMS is going on.
farmOn May 2011 the project of large pharmaceutical distributor transport logistics analyses and optimisation was started. The requirements for transport management system have to be created.
newton_logoOn April 2011 there was started and on August 2011 was completed logistics audit for Newton Logistics company (distribution and transportation).
comfyDuring Q1 2011 there was completed transport logistics audit for one of the largest Ukrainian electronics and home appliancies retailer Comfy. At present the implementation of proposed advices is going on.
ATBAt the end of 2009 LCC has won the tender for logistics audit of the retail network of food-stuffs discounters "ATB-market". The project was completed on May 2010. According to the audit results there were proposed optimization of transport logistics, warehouse logistics and inventory management elements. At present proposed recommendations are under implementation.
AutoExpedition_Logo2At 2009 the project of the forwarding company "Avtoexpedition" management structure optimization was realized. New business processes were developed and introduced, affiliate structure of the company was established.
ukravtoAt 2008 the project of Ukravto logistics structure reorganization was realized. Within the project logistics audit was carried out and transfer from corporate to contract transport logistics was implemented.
About the company

Consulting company "Logistic Consulting Center" has been operating at the Ukrainian market since 2006. The company is the member of Ukrainian League of Logistics and Warehousing (ULLW), the initiator and organizer of the first Ukrainian logistics Congress "Logistics - the prospection" in 2007 and the regional logistics forums.

The company is also known as the publisher of the "Transport and Logistics" monthly magazine. LCC has established National Logistics Academy where about 200 persons annually get education and advanced training on different logistics programs.

LCC top management is a member of public councils of specialized governmental bodies.

The main company profile is logistics consulting when we carry out audit and optimization of customer's logistics functions under the agreed criteria. While performing such projects we solve the tasks of separate logistics elements automation and implementation of automated systems - WMS, TMS, SCMS, GPS. The company has the experience of expert examination and participation in investment projects in the sphere of acquisition, reorganization or establishing of logistics businesses.

The main customers of the company are domestic industrial companies, retail networks, distributors, importers and exporters, 3PL-providers and carriers.

Оur firm provides a full range of acquisition and vendor due diligence services for potential investors and major trading partners. These services range from a sector review to full-fledged financial and legal due-diligence assignments. For this our specialists assess the quality of earnings and cash flows, assets and liabilities, tax operations, manufacturing methods and technologies, management information systems, human resources, forecasts and business plans, liquidity and future capital expenditure requirements.
Our services: Accounting
  • routine book keeping;
  • preparation of financial and tax statements and their presentation to the responsible authorities;
  • complete calculation of taxes and non-tax payments of the company, as well as payroll for employees, including those for foreign citizens;
  • lending assistance in, or fully conducting bookkeeping according to corporate requirements of the company.
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